Poem: Alive is the Heart That Loves you


I can sense you by my bedside
I can feel you reaching out to hold my hand

You are still not aware it is now the soul
Not the body that you are touching
Even though to you I seem not to respond
My heart screams out trying to whisper your name

Even though you do not see them flow
My tears immerse my soul, attempting
To put out the flames of angerthat rage within you

You rest your head on our united hands
And I feel those bitter tears you shed
From those eyes I have always drowned in
Tears no longer drowning the pain
but nourishing the suffering in the heart they fall upon

I try to move my fingers between yours

To assure you I am sharing your woe
But as my body thunders with in me, shaking
My fingers remain so still

I want you to hug me now
Came lay next to me and hold me

The silence is killing me
Where has it gone… your laugh
That sound which revived me every time I was disheartened
Laugh I beg you laugh
Why are you quiet? Why wont youlaugh?

The stillness is too much to bear, despite
Please…please hear me call your name

We experienced in being together
A sort of love too precious for description
We taught each other the melodies of living
Hand in hand we walked to the centre of life

You are still holding on to my hand now
But soon you will have to let go
As they move my cold hands from your freezing ones
Life’s cruel laws must be obeyed

I will have to leave and you must finish our path alone
My hand will be in yours forever
And you will feel me dwell within you

Yes… alive is the heart that loves you
Even though the body you hold is dead

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