My Birthday’s Resolutions

This year, starting the 3rd May 2011, I have a new set of New Years Resolutions. I am going to record them here so that I can look back (if I’m alive) on 3rd May 2012 and see how well I have done to keep them.

  • Look through all my past new years resolutions and make absolutely sure that I do not include a single one of them as a resolution again.
  • I will create a list of things I will NOT do this year. These include:
  •                                I will NOT try to lose weight this year
  •                                I will NOT try to EVER go to the gym – not ONCE
  •                                I will NOT force myself to like raw tomatoes
  •                                I will NOT try and fix the lives of everyone who comes to me with the pieces
  • I will re embrace my semi vegetarian state – no animals that are out of the sea
  • I will block every single boy/girl who only contact me only for stuff they want
  • I will complete my year of field work with Street Kids in Cairo
  • I will give every ounce of effort to support the new Democratic Workers Party in Egypt
  • I will learn to say NO to people I love
  • I will learn to say the word “exactly” correctly and will learn to say the word “chivalry” as one word, not three
  • I will let go of memories that hurt me – emotionally and through memorabilia
  • I will let go of people who have continuously bought me down to the pits of hell with their own decay
  • I will publish at least one paper in an international journal on childhood
  • I will surround myself with more children than adults
  • I will accept, at last, the way I am with absolutely no need for change
  • I will treat everyone I meet as if they will die tomorrow
  • I will at some point when I’m settled geographically, get a pet
  • I will start learning something that enhances my creativity (pottery, calligraphy or photography)
  • I will eat more pop corn and less mushrooms (for no particular reason)
  • I will make sure that the people I love know this, not by words but by deeds…


  1. Liking the resolutions, each one of them! There is not one that I disapprove of 😀
    More popcorn definately sounds good to me! I will have to introduce you to the best popcorn ever that is salty and sweet, and it comes in one bag, it is sooooo good!
    Hope you’re ok 🙂 xxxx

  2. “I will start learning something that enhances my creativity (pottery, calligraphy or photography)”

    I just got a canon 350d and i feel a 100 times more creative. Just imagine how much more we will get out of Egypt looking at it through your eyes.

    • or what i will get with my miracle friends xx of which you are one of the best xx I need to fix my one before I go… I got my Canon 450D a couple years back but dropped it in one of the demonstrations recently…

      I will capture my feelings on the streets of Cairo and I will wait to see how you interpret them xx

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