Setting Fire to a Church Makes Bright the Road to Civil War

Last night there were flames. Pictures coming in accompanied by witnesses speaking of our church Mary Mina in Imbaba, Cairo. Then the fire fighters came in to save what was left.

But there are flames not yet put out. There are flames that wage and burn brighter than those scorching stone. The flames that rage in the hearts of the oppressed are far more dangerous than heat that scars skin and brick. The Coptic Christians in Egypt will be excused for the bitterness and fear they will carry; and the Muslims, again, will fight to defend themselves and try to convince everyone that they either have breakfast daily with a Copt, or that their friends is one.

The question is, who do we call to put out this fire? Which emergency service can we turn to for an appearance that appeases, that heals, that prevents similar events? We have been let down by both our Government, our leaders, and by our Army, our protectors.

The Salafi’s in Egypt are slow dancing with Civil War. They are holding her hand and seducing her. They are leading her down a one way road that will see the end to Egypt as we know it, as we’ve always known it. The music that they are dancing to must end. It must end before it consumes us all in a fire that no one, not even it’s instigators can put out.

It breaks my heart that we, Egypt, turn into a country where churches are burnt down, after being the only nation that after 9/11 had Western media look at Muslim Friday prayers and comment “What a moving sight”.

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