Because THEY are OUR Children – Egypt


To get involved:

Right so this is the dream:

We set out collecting for Hope Village street babies and then realised what potential humans working together outside bureaucracy can have 

We’re gonna have a lot of clothes so this is what we’ll do:

We’ll contact NGOs in Egypt working with street kids and find their needs and spread the joy between them as much as we can. NGOs include Hope Village, FACE, Banaaty, I the Egyptian.

Then… We want to take this outside Egypt… Our next countries are Kenya and South Africa and we’ll think how we’ll do that once we get there and once we learn from this 

Of course other people are doing this… We wanna bring them all together to its not for a certain charity or for a certain country and not run by a certain group of people… The dream is to set up something so random and ad hoc so that people can just get together and do it on their own when they can or want to, no rules, no nothing – just getting stuff done!

Here’s what’s needed and you are totally in charge

DONATIONS: everyone can do this

– rummage through your kids stuff or ur stuff that’ll do for kids and take it to the drop off point

DROP OFF POINTS: people with space can do this

– share your location or negotiate with your local shop/shed/school etc to be the place where people come and drop off their donations

– you will need to separate the donations by age group (0-5 and 5-10 and 10-15 and 15+) and put them into boxes

– you should keep count of the number of items in each box and write that number on the box as well as the ages


– you should keep a list of all people acting as a drop off point and update our main spreadsheet to everyone has access

– coordinate with people travelling to Egypt to take some of the clothes with them

– negotiate with Egypt air or others to waive fees for the charity stuff (this happens)

– arrange driving volunteers to collect from donors and take to drop offs


– we need a large group of people for this so it would be nice if you can do this with friends or make friends with individuals who want to do it 

– your role will be to contact the NGOs to find out what they need exactly and arrange a time you drop off the stuff

– sort the clothes received by NGO needs

– arrange with volunteer drivers to pick up the boxes/bags with NGO address – the person delivering to the shelters MUST pick up a receipt with the number of items received and email to the group so we can keep count

DRIVERS: for people with cars or with friends that have cars that they can convince to do this 

You can do one of two things:

– collect clothes from donors and take to drop off pointS

– collect from drop off points and ship

– collect from Egypt reception points and take to shelters

– join out reach and actually give to the kids (this isn’t as simple as it sounds and I’d advice you to talk to me or other on how this can be done)

ADMIN: project manager people

– create a spreadsheet of some sort that people can add to with their volunteering roles/contacts etc

– get creative and find other ways you can make this work smoother for everyone involved

SOCIALITES : people with contacts and those who like to make contacts:

– make something big out of this and speak to your local schools, churches, mosques, neighbours etc and see how they can get involved..

– tweet and Facebook everyone you know..

– email me anything you think will benefit the event and we’ll see how we can work it….

Only rule to the game:

Don’t let anyone tell you/ convince you that this won’t


If you really want to give money because you can’t get involved any other way, please can I ask you NOT to give us money, instead, if you could pay for the boxes or shipping in your country that would be great!!! 


  1. I know that alone will never find these boys . I just want a clue . If I were like Angelina Jolie or Oprah Winfrey , I certainly would go door to door asking for them . I help Brazilian children abandoned . Here in Brazil , there are many shelters and orphanages for children as Karim and Hani . Street children only those who use drugs . Brazilian orphans do not live on the street. Adopt them ? I believe that would be great but impossible. The correct thing is to help them with food, books , toys , school . I sent messages to UNICEF , Doctors without borders , NGOs , Trust Zabaleen , Egyptian embassy in Brazil , the Brazilian Embassy in Cairo … The only person who is willing to help me was you. I want to help boys , even though Egyptians . I do not believe this to be a problem but a solution . If everybody helped street children in the world, would be a better world . I am not rich but I can help them a little bit. All my hope.

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