Call for Papers: Special Issue: Bridging the divide: Researching Children/ Young People and Sexuality

Please note the deadline for abstracts is 29th December 2013

Call for Papers: Special Issue: Global Childhood Studies
Bridging the divide: Researching Children/ Young People and Sexuality

Guest Editors
Nelly Ali (Birkbeck)
Joe Hall (University of Hull)

After a great success of our paper and panel sessions at the RGS Annual Conference, we are very pleased to share that we have secured a special edition volume of the peer reviewed journal Global Childhood Studies. Continue reading

Workshop report: Responding to uprising. Urban security between resilience and resistance. Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Birmingham.

It was a great privilege to be invited to speak at this workshop: Responding to the Uprising hosted by Institute of Advanced Studies and Birmingham University… I met great academics there too that I feel were long lost friends Sara Fregonese Ramadan Adam Ramadan Andrea Teti and Gennaro Gervasio and Johan and Anna and Michelle Pace!

Also – this is where after my talk one of the speakers started to cry having been touched by the stories of street children and their involvement in the uprising, I was so moved by this because it helped me deal with my ethical dilemma of not wanting to speak about the children “clinically” after having faced so much with them.. This truly was a great experience, thank you!


While terrorism has shaped urban security in the last decade, since 2011 several cities worldwide have been at the centre of protest, riot, and even uprising. If terrorism was the key for understanding urban security in the past decade, is uprising is a crucial key for understanding urban security in the current one?

On 26 September, 14 international and interdisciplinary speakers gathered for the IAS-sponsored workshop Responding to Uprising: Urban Security between Resilience and Resistance and debated the impact that protest and uprising have on urban security. The workshop considered the changing life in cities experiencing crisis and transition, both from the everyday perspective of communities and their spaces, and from the official perspective of the state and its security agendas. The speakers held presentations to an audience from across the University of Birmingham and conducted two briefing sessions in order to identify possible trends and agendas for research and…

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Street Children: The Hymen and the Stamp of Shame


I sat rocking baby Summer, I held her vertically so that she could lay her head on my chest while I hugged her in her entirety. The rocking and the hug were calming me. As my tears fell on her face, she began to smile at the funny feeling of teardrops touching her skin. Despite the burning pit of anger, fear and pity they came from, these droplets must not have landed on her cheeks with the cruelty of the blood her whole body was covered in only moments earlier. She reached out with her little fingers that, unlike other babies, were rough, covered in rashes, to touch my eyes. This was a huge achievement for baby Summer who’s been receiving physiotherapy; calcium deficiency and crooked bones make it difficult to sit up, reach and hold things. The baby who had not completed her first year smiled looking right into my…

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