Poem: Does Heaven Have a Number?

I’m looking for a number to call you on God
Do you have a number, up there in heaven?
I’ve been looking to call you and for you to answer
Since my first goldfish died when I was seven

I went to a mosque and I found you
And at church you were also there
At temple I became humble
And at a synagogue people turned to stare

You were in and out and all around me
It didn’t matter where I looked
You were at every street corner
And to your love I was faithfully hooked

I remember it was always you I came to
When I cut my finger or fell off my bike
To tell you about a failed exam paper
Or a broken heart from the boy I like.

I’m holding the yellow pages here
Do you know what section the number would be in?
To call and confess to you
About my own and the rest of the worlds ugly sin

Do you have a helper, I could leave a message
Just a number for someone to take my call
To tell them about the weeping ulcer
That came hit after hit, from fall after fall

I need to get through and speak to you
I have so much to tell
I need your number in heaven
To speak to you of what its like, here in hell